This site was born as a Google Group. In the meantime, Google stopped supporting descriptive pages in groups. So what you see here is a recoverd, archival version of the site. Some links may not work.

Greenline Station Modeling Workshop

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The Greenline extension is coming! There will be 8 new stations located throughout Somerville, South Medford and East Cambridge.

This site provides links to resources for visualizing the station locations and for many people top develop and share their ideas about the design of stations and their surrounding areas.  Open this GreenlineStationWorkshop.kmz Google Earth Document (last updated May 28) in Google Earth to begin exploring these resources.

Visualize Station Plans and Elevations on Terrain

MassDOT has prepared a site plan and some elevation diagrams for each proposed stop. We have brough these together in Google Earth and added building information from MassGIS, the City of Medford and Somerville so that all of this can be visualized in three dimensions on the Google Earth Terrain.   The official greenline extension site, maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation is is

Download Editable Station Models

Click on the link in the list of stations below to download an editable  3d model and lots of related resources.  Each model can be edited in the free Sketchup 3d Modeling Tool. These models include more detailed terrain models form MassGIS with color aerial photography and the MassDOT site plans draped, and also the 3d buildings in the surrounding area. Use the editable models to create 3d representions of the EOT stations or to play with your own ideas for the station buildings, plantings, connections to the Community Path, and other bicycle facilities -- or anything else you may want to play with.  Links to the Model resources are listed below.

Share your Ideas in 3D!

Sketchup Allows you to upload your models to Google Earth where they can be viewed in their greater context. Your models can be posted to the Google 3D Warehouse where other people can take a look at your models and include them in their own greenline laboratory! Once you have uploaded your model, notify and your model will be included in future versions of this Google Earth Model.

Follow & Contribute to this Project

Updated versions of this google earth file, ans all sorts of tutorials aand other resources wil be posted at this google group. You can join this group to receive notifications of updates and to participate in the development of this project. There are many things left to do.  You can help!

To Do:

  • Improve the Google Earth model by including more MassDOT sections and elevations
  • Model or obtain the MassDOIT 3d Models for their initisl station designs and include them in the Google Eaqrth model and the editable sketchup models.
  • Model the community path in Google Earth
  • Make YOUR station models and share them with the rest tof the community!

This site was begun by Paul Cote.