Past courses

New Geographies
GSD 3421, Fall 2006

Developing Worlds: Planning and Design in the Middle East and Latin America After WWII
GSD 4343, Lecture, Spring 2006

Green Modern: A History of Environmental Consciousness in Architecture from Patrick Geddes to the Present
GSD 4324, Lecture, Spring 2004

Constructing Vision
GSD 4323, Lecture, Spring 2003, Fall 2006


Past studios

The Architecture of Geography: Istanbul, Mixed-Use Development, and the Panoramic Condition 
GSD 1504, Fall 2007

MAKINAMADINA: Reconfiguring the Relationship Between Geography and Event in the City of Fez
GSD 1322/GSD 1511, with Aziza Chaouni

Intermodal Istanbul
GSD 1510, Spring 2005

Square One: Martyrs' Square, Downtown Beirut, Lebanon
GSD 1510, Spring 2004

A Field of Schools: Rethinking the Relationship between School and City in San Diego
GSD 1304, Fall 2001

Attraversare la Citt: Redevelopment around the Via Appia Nuova in Rome 
Spring 1998, with Peter Rowe

Yi-Ti-Liang-Yi Zhi Jian: Redevelopment in Suzhou, Chin
Spring 1997, with Peter Rowe

Isopolis: Addressing the Scales of Urban Life in Athens
Spring 1996, with Peter Rowe

Open City, Rebuilding Downtown Beirut's Waterfront
Spring 1995, with Peter Rowe

People: Hashim Sarkis: Course_list

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