Designing the American City: Civic Aspirations and Urban Form /Spring 2016
Oh, Jerusalem: Eternal Center / Generic Periphery /Spring 2016


Past Courses

Urban Design Proseminar 
GSD 3503, Fall 2005, 2007

Techniques of Physical Planning II
GSD 6121-M2, Lecture, Fall 2004, with Tony Gomez-Ibanez

The Regional City: Values and Ethics in Contemporary Urbanism
GSD 5483, Seminar, Spring 2004, with James Stockard

Detroit Research Seminar 
GSD 9206, Seminar, Fall 2003


Past Studios

An Urbanism for Las Vegas, Nevada 
GSD 1502, Fall 2008

The Urban Roles of a Semi-Dry River: Chihuahua & Its Chuvuscar River
GSD 1513, Spring 2008

Reconnecting City & River: Vienna, Austria & the Danube
GSD 1502, Fall 2006

Centers for an Edge City: Transforming Tysons Corner, Virginia 
GSD 1506, Spring 2006

A New Neighborhood for Charleston, SC 
GSD 1506, Spring 2005

GSD 1508, Spring 2004, with Matthew Kiefer

Planning in Paradise: Urban Redevelopment - Honolulu, Hawaii
GSD 1504, Fall 2002, with Janine Clifford

People: Alex Krieger: Course_list

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