Andrew Howard

Andrew Howard, AICP, an urban planner based in Dallas, Texas, is cofounder of the Better Block project and a principal at Team Better Block consulting. His 14 years in transportation and land development planning and design have given him a valuable perspective on urban and regional challenges.

The Better Block demonstration project addresses the slow pace and frustrations of long term sustainable change by providing an open-sourced toolkit to harness grassroots power and help communities revitalize. Since its inauguration in 2010, it is now being used in over 60 cities in 3 nations. A typical project demonstrates how temporarily breaking zoning laws and street design standards on a single block can create a walkable, vibrant neighborhood center that builds momentum for long-term financial, social and environmental change in the city.

As a Loeb Fellow, Howard will document Better Block transformations and concentrate on creating new citizen-leaders to bring about organizational and cultural change in their communities.

Watch Andrew Howard's video profile.

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