Loeb Fellow Angelyn Chandler

Angelyn Chandler is an architect and senior manager at NYC Parks. Under her leadership the 2200 acre Freshkills Park --once the largest landfill in the world--has become a model for landfill-to-park development. Her work on landfill and brownfield projects has greatly expanded NYC’s greenspace and is returning compromised sites to positive public use. 

Angelyn established the Landfill and Brownfield Task Force at NYC Parks to educate and increase agency awareness and to craft policy on development and management of these sites. At Freshkills Park her work has focused on sustainable design, efficient maintenance and operations, diverse programming, and development of solar and wind projects that can supply energy for the park. Following Hurricane Sandy she oversaw the $300 million fast-track multi-borough reconstruction of NYC’s swimming beaches, completing in 5 months what normally takes over 2 years to design and build. In addition to rehabilitating damaged park buildings, boardwalk and beaches and making them more resilient, the city designed six prototypical flood resistant modular structures to house public restrooms, lifeguards and staff, of which a total of 35 were ultimately made. For NYC Parks Angelyn has also led the design and construction of parks for 7100 acres of parkland in Queens, managing an annual budget of $200 million and a team of architects, landscape architects, and engineers. 

As a Loeb Fellow Angelyn will research critical aspects of urban land reclamation, including urban ecology, climate change, urbanization, landscape design, and social engagement. 

Watch the video of Chandler's presentation during Meet the Loebs Week.

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