Anne-Marie Lubenau

Anne-Marie Lubenau is an architect, educator and advocate for excellence in design and planning. For the past ten years she led the Community Design Center of Pittsburgh (CDCP), a nonprofit organization that improves quality of life through design of the built environment. The CDCP provides education, technical assistance and resources that promote good design and planning and help people create positive change in their communities. Under Anne-Marie's leadership, the organization has been recognized nationally and internationally for its innovative programs and practices, while advocating effectively for community participation and better design and planning in Pittsburgh.

Throughout her career, Anne-Marie has worked at the intersection of people and place, helping individuals and communities understand and participate in the process of design. In private practice, Anne-Marie has worked with nonprofit and community-based clients to renovate and repurpose abandoned and historically significant properties into affordable and supportive housing facilities. She has developed and taught courses on the built environment for preservation organizations and universities. At the CDCP, Anne-Marie oversaw the creation of a lecture series that brings nationally recognized speakers to Pittsburgh to inspire local dialogue on design and planning issues. As Chair of the Pittsburgh Civic Design Coalition, she provided testimony about major development projects in downtown Pittsburgh and co-authored editorials that drew attention to design and planning issues that led to increased scrutiny of the planning process. Anne-Marie has served on the board of the Association for Community Design, the City of Pittsburgh’s Design Review Committee and the faculty of Carnegie Mellon University.

During her Loeb Fellowship, Anne-Marie will explore the influences of history, culture and leadership on cities’ attitudes towards planning and design. She is interested in how these influences affect public policy and elected leaders, particularly in cities such as Pittsburgh that are undergoing transformational change, and will focus on ways of increasing and expanding civic dialogue and community engagement. She will study urban design, public policy and leadership.

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