Independent Study by Candidates for Masters Degrees /Spring 2016
Interiors, Environments, Atmosphere /Spring 2016
Le Corbusier: Themes/Discourse/Figures /Spring 2016
Thesis Extension in Satisfaction of Degree Doctor of Design /Spring 2016
Thesis in Satisfaction of the Degree Doctor of Design /Spring 2016


Past Courses

Structure, Infrastructure, and Ornament
GSD 4435, Seminar, Spring 2013

Architecture, Science and Technology: 18th-Present
GSD 4355, Lecture, Fall 2002-07, Spring 2010, Spring 2013

Building Texts and Contexts III-IV, Between Origins and Modernity: 18th and 19th-Century Architecture
GSD 4223, Lecture, Spring 2012, with Erika Naginski.

Beginnings of Architecture
GSD 4418, Seminar, Spring 2011, with Michael Hays

Building Texts and Contexts III: Nineteenth-Century Architecture, Between History and Modernity
GSD 4204, Lecture, Spring 2003 - 2011

Paris: The Design of a Metropolis
GSD 4430, Lecture, Fall 2011

Digital Culture, Architecture and Cities
GSD 3428, Seminar, Spring 2009

Paris: The Growth of a Modern Metropolis
GSD 4409, Seminar, Spring 2009, with Neil Levine

Space and Subjectivity in the Modern Period
GSD 4417, Seminar, Fall 2007, with Ewa Lajer-Burcharth

Proseminar in History, Theory and Urban Studies
GSD 4501, Fall 2007, with Eve Blau

Paris and the Idea of the Modern City
GSD 4409, Seminar, Fall 2006, with Neil Levine

Digital Culture, Space and Society
GSD 3428, Lecture, Spring 2004-07

Proseminar in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning
GSD, 2003 - 2005, with Margaret Crawford

Critical History: Space, Place, and Science
GSD, Seminar, Fall 2004, with Peter Galison

Cities, territories and infrastructure
GSD, Seminar, Spring 2003


People: Antoine Picon: Course_list

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