Barbara Deutsch

I am most proud of two projects:

• Development of the Landscape Performance Series to show the Barbara Deutsch Project Picturevalue of landscape solutions in achieving sustainability. This initiative was launched by the Landscape Architecture Foundation on September 10, 2010.


Barbara Deutsch Project Picture• Award-winning research I led for EPA called “The Green Build-out Model: Quantifying the Stormwater Management Benefits of Trees and Green Roofs in Washington, DC,” which has become seminal work for using green infrastructure to meet stormwater regulatory requirements.


The Fellowship provided many benefits to my career:
• Thought-leadership to expand my vision
• Resources to strengthen and focus my work
• Opportunities to collaborate with others who are creating change to our environment
• Renewed confidence to follow my passion and dreams
• Awareness to grow into my leadership role and identity

I think these impacts are ongoing and have even increased over time. There is too much to do to turn this ship around and sustain life on this planet as we know it. I welcome opportunities to share wisdom and experience not to recreate the wheel, but rather generate synergy with others and increase our collective capacity.

People: Barbara Deutsch

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