Loeb Fellow Baye Adofo-Wilson

­­Baye Adofo-Wilson is a planner, lawyer and developer based in Newark, NJ, and the co-founder of the Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District.  He is leading a comprehensive effort to transform a low-income Newark neighborhood into a sustainable cultural district that includes affordable housing and mixed-use developments, urban agriculture, music programming, historic restoration and workforce development projects.

Baye created the Lincoln Park Music Festival, a multi-genre, intergenerational music festival that features rhythm and blues, jazz, gospel, house and hip-hop.  In its 8th year, the music festival has approximately 50,000 attendees annually with over 200 artists performing since its inception.  He also has co-developed 10 USGBC LEED certified buildings and received a USGBC LEED Neighborhood Development Gold certification for his redevelopment project; the only such designation in the State of New Jersey.   Since Baye has served as developer and often general contractor on his projects, he has created a green jobs workforce development program that offers classroom instruction and hands-on training on his development projects.  Currently, Baye is restoring a 160 year old eight-story Greek Revival Church façade and converting it into an outdoor performance venue, with an urban farm to source the concession stand during performances.

Baye is a member of the 2014 class of GSD Loeb Fellows, during which he examined  strategies and opportunities for reimagining and rebuilding low-income black communities using sustainability, culture and local living economies as a model to spur economic development and increase local participation.

View the video of Baye's Meet the Loeb Fellows Week presentation.

People: Baye Adofo-Wilson

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