Ben Hamilton-Baillie

Traffic in towns and cities, and its relationship to urban life and social interaction is the main focus of Ben Hamilton-Baillie’s work. He specializes in the development of shared space principles to help remodel streets and public spaces, both urban and rural, to tackle the adverse effects of traffic on places and people, by reducing speeds and changing the expectations and responses of drivers. Much of his work involves training and empowering communities to develop their own plans and interventions in public space and highways to help reclaim places and reduce the domination of highway elements. In practice this often involves removal of traffic signals, signs, barriers and markings, and a greater emphasis on distinctive qualities of place.

Ben recently published guidance for rural communities concerned about the impact of traffic. Called ʺTraffic in Villages: A toolkit for communitiesʺ, the publication is available to download free from his website (above).

People: Ben Hamilton-Baillie

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