Past Courses

The Visual Landscape: Analysis and Management
GSD 2301M1, Seminar

Theories and Methods of Landscape Planning
GSD 3307, Lecture, Fall, with Juan Carlos Vargas-Moreno


Past Studios

Third Semester Core: Planning and Design of Landscapes
GSD 1211, Fall 2004, with Scheri Fultineer, Christian Werthmann, Nicholas Pouder, Niall Kirkwood

Contested Waters: The Tajo River in Spain
GSD 1401, Fall 2007, with Christian Werthmann

Protecting and Developing the Landscapes of Don Quixote, 
Province of Castilla - La Mancha, Spain 

GSD 1401, Fall 2006, with Christian Werthmann

Zip, Padova, and the Parco del Roncaiette
GSD 1401, Fall 2005

Alternative Futures for Tepotzotlan, Mexico 
GSD 1401, GSD 1505, Fall 2004

The Future Urban Landscape of Cesena, Italy 
GSD 1401, Fall 2003

Alternative Futures for Pueckler - Muskau Land
GSD 1402, Fall 2002

Alternative Futures for Hangzhou
Fall 2001, with Richard Peiser

Alternative Futures of the West Lake, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China
Fall 2000, with Richard Peiser

Alternative Futures for the Region of Beit She'an, Jenin and Northern Jordan 
GSD 1310-13, Fall 1999, with Arie Rahamimoff 

The Gartenreich Dessau-Worlitz 
GSD 1310-11, Fall 1998, with Tess Canfield

Alternative Futures in the Galilee, Israel 
Fall 1997 

Alternative Futures for the Context Region of Camp Pendleton, California 
Fall 1996, with Alan Shearer

Alternative Futures for Monroe County, Pennsylvania 
Fall 1993 

People: Carl Steinitz: Course_list

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