Authority and Invention: Medieval Art and Architecture /Fall 2015
Making Sacred Space /Spring 2016
Structuring Urban Experience: From the Athenian Acropolis to the Boston Common /Fall 2015


Past Courses

Hub of the Universe: Boston in the Gilded Age
Spring 2009

Authority and Invention: Art and Architecture in Western Europe, 950-1250
GSD 4358, Medieval Studies 107 (FAS Catalog Number: 9420), Fall 2008, Spring 2006, 2004

Nature and the Ideal: Art and Architecture in Italy, 1250-1520 
GSD 4402, Medieval Studies 108, Spring 2005, 2007

Alternative Constructions: Historical Concepts for Practicing Architects
GSD 4357, Fall 2002-03, Spring 2006

Classicism: From Theory to History
GSD 4202-M2, Lecture, Fall 2005

Leon Battista Alberti and the Italian Renaissance: 
Architecture, Painting, and Sculpture 1400-1470
GSD 4402, Spring 1998, 2000, 2002-03

Four Christian (?) Capitals: 
Rome, Milan, Constantinople and Ravenna 300-600 AD
GSD 4309, Fall 1997

People: Christine Smith: Course_list

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