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Christopher Calott is an architect, urban designer and real estate developer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He is a Principal in CALOTT + GIFFORD Architecture / Urban Design and a founding Partner of INFILL SOLUTIONS: Innovative Urban Design and Development. For the past decade his two firms have been working to create dense regional urban typologies using modern forms in mixed-use urban infill developments, affordable housing and urban design projects in the Southwest.  He combines significant research on urbanism, housing and community-based design practices through published investigations with teaching in numerous university appointments throughout the United States, Mexico and Latin America.    

Fast Company magazine recognized CALOTT + GIFFORD’s award-winning design practice in 2011 as one of “50 brilliant urbanites helping to build the cities of America’s future.” By working as both architect and developer, Chris’s urbanist practice has challenged conventional zoning, financing strategies and modes of development. The firm’s innovative work has introduced new housing types, dense “infill” subdivisions, Transit-Oriented-Development, Community Supported Agriculture, vibrant public plazas and public art, and even bold new colors to New Mexico, which is home to the nation’s oldest urban traditions. Informed by the rich tri-cultural heritage of the region, their recent work has transformed non-profit sector affordable housing and publicly financed urban design projects, often working with urban Native American populations and traditional Hispanic communities. Chris’ longstanding work and research on informal urbanization patterns and social justice issues at the US-Mexico Borderlands resulted in FRONTERA/BORDER: 7th Concurso Internacional ARQUINE, an international design Congress convened in Mexico City in 2005.  

During his Loeb Fellowship, Chris will investigate a broader scope of the definition and delivery of affordable housing, measuring performance outcomes among exemplary public-sector funded and socially conscious private-sector developers. He will examine non-conventional housing delivery strategies, standards, public policy and financing mechanisms outside of the United States which support urban infill development. 

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