Deborah Frieden

I assist non-profit organizations and municipalities in planning for new museums, cultural centers, performing arts venues, and district-wide initiatives as well as the re-envisioning of existing institutions. I work on projects around the world advising mature organizations as well as start-ups on governance, visioning, organizational development, program development, capital project planning, architect selection, and project management team building. What interests me most are the projects that go beyond the walls of the institutions to explore the contextual issues of cultural organizations in their specific communities, whom they serve, and how their development will enhance their community. Deborah Frieden workbook pictureI enjoy partnering with Loeb Fellows and just returned from participating in a Loeb Alumni grant funded planning charette for the next phases of a Hope VI housing project, Park Place, in Birmingham, Alabama. I speak at conferences and guest lecture at universities and other venues in support of various arts and cultural initiatives. This year, I was guest lecturer at the University of San Francisco’s Museum Studies program, a speaker at San Francisco AIA’s Architecture in the City Festival as well as the plenary session speaker at the Building Museums Symposium in Deborah Frieden ProjectNew York, among others. The Fellowship gave me the confidence to grapple with a broader range of issues, to go into business for myself, and to better use my network. It has expanded my expectation for myself of what I can achieve in terms of community contribution. This plays out not only in my professional work but in volunteer activities as well as in making time for others, such as advising students, graduates, potential Fellows, or professional colleagues.

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