Dorji Yangki

Dorji Yangki worked as the Chief Architect and Head of the Office for Conservation of Heritage Sites for the Government of Bhutan, from 1997 to 2010. Dorji is currently the President of the Bhutan Institute of Architects (BIA) and the Chair of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation of Architects (SAARCH). She also works as the Principal Architect for SAMBHAVA Professional Services in Bhutan.

Dorji was the team leader for the development of the National Spatial Policy of Bhutan and has worked on numerous projects such as the National Archives, the Offices for the National Museum and the Royal Academy of Performing Arts of Bhutan, the Smithsonian Bhutan Temple in Washington D.C. and the award winning Bhutan Garden of Peace, in Thailand. She also worked on the restoration of the Tiger's Nest (Taktshang) Monastery, the Folk Heritage Museum and the National Memorial Stupa, in Bhutan. These are a few of the projects that have been part of her efforts to conserve traditional Bhutanese architecture.  

Dorji is also leading the initiative for sustainable architecture in Bhutan's cities. She has worked on the Guidelines for Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure in the Protected Areas of Bhutan and is currently assisting the Bhutanese Government with the development of Green Building Codes.


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