Edward Lifson

Edward Lifson is the producer and host of Hello Beautiful. This public radio show, based in Chicago, explores architecture, design, and urban issues every Sunday morning and has a loyal and growing audience. His goal is to convince an ever widening group of people that they should care about the built environment. Edward believes design and our reactions to it can bring more people together. He feels journalists have a responsibility to bring conversations about design to the public in an interesting and revealing way. As a result, he does not simply review built structures on his show, but speaks about projects that are in the planning stage, related issues such as public spaces, landscape, transportation, and environment, and important preservation issues. He hopes that his show will equip people to not only have opinions about architecture and design, but to get involved to work for better results in the physical environment that impacts them. He has been a war correspondent and was the National Public Radio Bureau Chief in Berlin while the city was being rebuilt after the Wall came down.
As a fellow, Edward studied the history and theory of architecture as well as urban planning and landscape architecture principles while he was at the GSD. He was particularly interested in learning more about sustainable design. When he returned from the Fellowship, he created a new national show about architecture, design and culture for public radio.

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