Edward Morris

Edward Morris is the director of The Canary Project (TCP), an organization he co-founded with Susannah Sayler (also a 2009 Loeb Fellow). TCP produces visual media and artworks that deepen public understanding of climate change and energize commitment to solutions. In order to reach diverse audiences, TCP crosses disciplines in unique ways, mixing science and art, documentary and activism, propaganda and education. Edward has a hand in all of TCPs various projects. For some projects, Edward is co-creator and collaborator; for others he serves as a producer—organizing publicity, financing, and research.

Edward and Susannah founded TCP in January 2006, initially to photograph landscapes around the world impacted by climate change.  They organize these photographs into exhibits, books, websites and other forms of display that will impact the public.  Edward works with scientists, writers, and other artists to find ways to make their message available to a wide range of audiences. Edwards recent work with TCP includes: producing Green Patriot Posters, a collaboration with graphic designers and advertising agencies to create posters that inspire sustainability action; developing Increase Your Albedo, a collaboration with fashion designers to create clothing from recycled material; and curating and producing 43/70, three site-specific works in Brooklyn that draw local attention to global ecology.

As a Loeb Fellow, Edward studied the arts as a persuasive tool and the history of perceptions about Nature in the U.S. Edward also sought greater understanding of how climate change impacts particular environments and what planners and landscape architects can do to mitigate these effects.

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