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Transportation is an exciting new design field for architects. While there are many challenges such as the all too common problem ofuntangling urban knots where traffic is at a stand still, there are also opportunities to design iconic structures that will change the face of infrastructure in the future. My projects vary in scale and complexity; together I hope I contribute to making a difference in the urban landscape. My Loeb year coincided with the fifty year anniversary of the expansion of the highway system–a forewarning of the state of infrastructure around the country. As the majority of highways were designed for a 50 year life-cycle, major re-construction was inevitable. This is also an opportunity to create infrastructure that fits into a new vision of the future city. Cars should no longer rule the road; public transportation, bicycles, and pedestrian should get equal share.

Engaging Urban Teens
Boston’s school budgets are continually being slashed hurting middle and high school students the most. Arts and creative courses were cut at the first sign of budget reduction. I became active in the Urbano Project creating a new space where teens can work with artists and designers. I also teach Arts and Urban Design with Loeb Fellow, Ross Miller. Together we are committed to exposing these talented students to the Arts. It is a pet peeve of mine that so many of the best and brightest are being siphoned off into the financial world. We need to recruit them, excite them, and show them the career opportunities in the creative world. We will all benefit from it.

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