Independent Thesis in Satisfaction of the Degree Master in Landscape Architecture /Spring 2016
Vegetal City 2: Plane Tree Mania /Spring 2016


Past courses

Plants and Technology II 
GSD 6219, Spring 2009, with Peter Del Tredici

Ecology, Plants and Technology II
GSD 6107, Lecture, Spring 2007, with Paula Meijerink

Plants in Design I 
GSD 6214-M3, Lecture-Workshop, Spring 2003-2006


Past Studios

Half a Million Trees: Prototyping Sites and Systems for Sustainable Cities
GSD 1403, Fall 2007

Third Semester Core: Planning and Design of Landscapes 
GSD 1211, Fall 2006, with Scheri Fultineer, Gina Ford, George Hargreaves, Nicholas Pouder

Landscape Architecture Design
GSD 1112, Spring 2002, with Dorothee Imbert

Education Landscape Architecture Design: 
Inside|Outside Space

GSD 1112, Spring 1998

Transforming the Villa La Foce
GSD 1310, Fall 1997

Landscape Architecture Design Studio: Topographic Realms: Reforming Boston's Civic Basin
GSD 1311, Fall 1996


People: Gary Hilderbrand: Course_list

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