Gil Kelley

Gil Kelley is an urban and strategic planning consultant based in Portland, Oregon. He advises city, county and regional governments on strategies for addressing climate change, sustainable urban development and organizational aspects of local planning and development functions. Prior to starting his own firm in February of this year, Gil served as Director of Planning for the City of Portland for 9 years and as Director of Planning and Development for the City of Berkeley, California for 10 years. He has also been a planning consultant in California and Oregon for both public and private sector clients. He speaks nationally and internationally on planning and climate change and sits on a number of advisory boards for organizations concerned with public health, climate change and sustainable urban development.

Gil is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Metropolitan Studies at Portland State University and is at work on a publication entitled The Intentional City. He teaches a Master Class each fall at the University of Amsterdam, NL for senior-level European planning professionals. Gil is a member of the American Planning Association and is active in APAs efforts to educate professional planners.

In addition to being a Loeb Fellow during the 2009-2010 academic year, Gil was also a Lincoln Loeb Fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

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