Loeb Fellow Gordon Binder

As a Senior Fellow at WWF and a consultant to Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Gordon Binder is fully engaged on a variety of issues, domestic and international…land and water conservation, freshwater, energy and climate change, which increasingly is about adaptation and resiliency, and a new thrust staffing a member of the President’s Global Development Council on the future of U.S. Foreign Assistance. He briefly sat on the BP oil spill commission and continue working with the former members of the commission to promote action on the report’s recommendations.  Binder is also involved pro bono with the National Coalition to Save Our Mall (as in downtown DC), advocating for a comprehensive plan for the iconic landscape and major urban park, the planning for which is fragmented among many agencies and congressional committees even as pressures build to add more museums and monuments that encroach on the open space.  His pastime is painting and He has been showing at a gallery on 14th Street (, where oils and drawings have featured landscapes, figurative work, and urban imagery, the last of which, reflecting a background in architecture and planning, has drawn some attention from the Washington Post.

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