Ian Lockwood

Ian Lockwood, P.E., is a principal with AECOM, a large multi-disciplinary design firm.  Ian’s work is dedicated to evolving the conventional transportation engineering paradigm into a more sustainable one. One of Ian’s current pursuits is helping design a 160-acre, mixed use, transit-oriented redevelopment project in Alexandria, Virginia.

Ian is recognized for his work on Smart Growth, context-sensitive design, historic preservation, and traffic calming. His passion is improving places socially, economically, and environmentally. He is well published and enjoys speaking at professional conferences, seminars, and occasionally on NPR. Ian has helped reform movements at several state departments of transportation through policy work, training, guideline preparation, and leading projects. In recent years, Ian has helped various public health organizations make stronger connections between the built form and community health. One of Ian’s projects was awarded the Institute of Transportation Engineers’ 2009 Project of the Year. The project was an integrated transportation and land use plan, in New Jersey, that stopped a major freeway from being built through a developing area near a small town. By working with myriad stakeholders and developers and by planning a network of two-lane, context-sensitively designed streets, the project was well received by the public, the development community, and the NJDOT. The project saved the State money, avoided damaging wetlands and historic farms, and resulted in a walkable place with a connected open space system.

Ian will spend his Loeb year working on ways to connect transportation planning with social, economic, and environmental health.

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