"Regular City" in Chongqing: Searching for Domesticated Superstructures /Spring 2016
Independent Study by Candidates for Doctoral Degrees /Spring 2016
Independent Study by Candidates for Masters Degrees /Spring 2016
Preparation of Doctoral Thesis Proposal /Spring 2016
Urban Grids: Open form for City Design /Spring 2016


Past Courses

Proseminar - Defining Urban Design
GSD 3503, Lecture, Fall 2008-2009


PAST Studios

Lissome Urbanism: Rail Infrastructure as a Backbone for the Rethinking of Continental Catalunya
GSD 1509, Spring 2007, with: Felipe Correa

Beijing: The University Campus as an Operative Device to Reshape the Metropolis
GSD 1509, Spring 2006

New Orleans: Redesigning a Fragile Edge
GSD 1511, Spring 2005

Bringing Harvard Yards to the River
GSD 1511, Spring 2004

New Metropolitan Entrance
GSD 1511, Spring 2003


Past Seminars

Revisiting the Urban Grid-II 
GSD 9206UPD02, Independent Research Study, Fall 2008

Resurfacing (Revisiting) the Grid as an Organizational Device for the Design of the City
GSD 9206UPD, Fall 2007, with Felipe Correa

Lissome Urbanisms
GSD-9206UPD, Fall 2006

Restructuring From Within: A Flatbed Site in Quito As an Agent for New Centrality 
GSD 9206UPD, Faculty Research Seminar, Fall 2005

Approaches to City Design in the 21st Century 
GSD 9206UPD, Faculty Research Seminar, Spring 2004

People: Joan Busquets: Course_list

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