John Werner

I have devoted my career to improving the prospects of low-income, minority middle school children at high risk of failure because of inadequate familial, financial and societal support. As social mobility has declined, low-income students are at great risk of being caught in a downward spiral of decreasing educational and economic opportunity.John Werner Project Schools alone are not adequately building the skills necessary for success. We have to redesign and redefine classroom learning, creating new ways to harness the power of social capital and networking to expand the meaning of education in this country. Over the past 15 years at Citizen Schools, I’ve been mobilizing adults to take part in the education of youth in their community. This army of “citizen teachers” — mentors from a diverse range of backgrounds and professional areas — take time each week to teach and inspire inner-city public school students. These future leaders then create paths towards high school graduation, college, and career success.

As a result of my Loeb Fellowship year I redefined my role at work and positioned my role to help lead my organization over the next 15 years around mobilizing!

As Citizen Schools Chief Mobilizing Officer I love to help build crowds, attend events to get a pulse on trends and movements, scout talent, attend talent gatherings, nominate people for opportunities, and connect people.

I have been very involved with the TED movement and would love to involve myself more in the wonderful Loeb community!

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