Josephine Ramirez

I am currently in the thick of a planning endeavor that will refine and re-position the way our foundation invests about 20 million dollars annually in arts and culture in California. In my previous position as Vice President of Programming and Planning at the Music Center/Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County, I created and launched a brand new department, establishing a year-round, flagship participatory arts initiative called Active Arts that has become a national model for cultural engagement programming.

The Loeb Fellowship has had an impact on my career in a multitude of ways, too many to report upon in such a small space. The one that easily comes to mind is that most of my Fellowship year was spent researching and thinking out a theoretical framework that directly translated to the Active Arts project I launched at my last job. That same framework and the thoughtfulness my Loeb experience lends continue to help guide my thinking in the policy realm that I now work within.

People: Josephine Ramirez

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