Julio Cesar Perez

• A Master Plan for 21st Century Havana is a comprehensive urban plan for preserving Havana’s cultural heritage while creating new urban and economic values based on sustainable principles.

• Author of Inside Cuba, a major book on Cuban architecture published by Taschen editions in 2006. It includes buildings from the 18th–20th Century.

• The Master Plan for the Historic Center of Aranjuez, Madrid (UNESCO Cultural Landscape World Heritage Site since 2001) is an urban plan that aspires to provide a model for the sustainable development of this territory with its historic gardens and its links with Madrid and Toledo by decongesting the traffic in the historic core and preserving the natural landscapes of its surroundings.

• The Havana International Charrette on Urban Planning and Urban Design has seen four editions by now and will have its 5th in 2011.

• Academic activities involving teaching and lecturing internationally (USA, Canada, Europe). Consultant for international students from USA and Europe.

The Loeb Fellowship changed my career in many positive directions. The possibility to reflect on the profession with new perspectives allowed me to grow intellectually after confronting the dynamic ambience of the GSD and the other schools on campus. The wise advice and assessment of the always caring Loeb Fellowship staff was a key element during the year at Harvard.

The Loeb Fellowship allowed me to do research, teach and lecture while benefiting from participating in many other professional activities. The networking relationship derived from the Loeb Fellowship is a long lasting and very powerful one. The Loeb Fellowship was a dream come true.

People: Julio Cesar Perez

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