Katharine Parsons, Lecturer in Landscape Architecture

Katharine C. Parsons is a Lecturer in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the GSD. In addition, she is a Senior Scientist at Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences, where she has directed Manomet's Wetlands and Wildlife Program since 1985 and currently directs Manomet's Wildlife and Energy Solutions Initiative. Her research interests include the reproductive and foraging ecology of long-legged wading birds, and the ecotoxicology of aquatic birds utilizing estuarine wetlands. Currently, she is examining chronic, sublethal impacts of cholinesterase-inhibiting pesticides on wildlife. She has published numerous research articles in scientific journals including Waterbirds, other ornithological publications, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Estuaries and Journal of Coastal Research. In 2002, Parsons edited a special publication of Waterbirds: "Managing Wetlands for Waterbirds: Integrated Approaches" and is currently editing a proceedings "Rice and Waterbirds: Science, Management, and Conservation." Since 1998, she has served in leadership roles in the Waterbird Conservation for the Americas Initiative and in 2003, she was elected inaugural Chair of the Waterbird Conservation Council. In addition, Parsons is a member of the Executive Council of the Waterbird Society and serves as chair of the Conservation Committee. She holds a PhD in Ecology from Rutgers University.

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