Kathy Spiegelman, Design Critic in Urban Planning and Design

Kathy Spiegelman is a strategic planning consultant with clients in the non-profit and public sectors.  She assists institutions and organizations identify innovative solutions to the challenges of growth and change in urban and campus environments.  From 1985 to 2011, Kathy worked in planning, community affairs and real estate for Harvard University most recently holding the title of Chief Planner for Harvard’s Allston Development Group. Her responsibilities in the Allston Development Group included overseeing the complex and ongoing physical planning necessary to lay the foundation for the development of Harvard's extensive land holdings in Allston.

Prior to the formation of the Allston Development Group, Kathy served as the head of Harvard Planning + Allston Initiative, Associate Vice President for Planning and Real Estate (HPRE) and Director of Planning. Under Kathy's leadership the intensive Allston planning process was launched. Kathy is an experienced planner and negotiator and has worked at both the project and area planning scales and on public/private development partnerships.

Earlier in her career, Kathy served the City of Cambridge as Assistant City Manager in charge of community development. While in the public sector, Kathy gained invaluable expertise in land use planning, regulatory changes and enforcement, urban design planning, site reuse and political consensus building. The work included the redevelopment of underutilized industrial areas in the City, and reuse of a former public school site for the development of single and two family houses consistent with the pattern of development in the surrounding neighborhood.

Kathy received her BA with honors from Brown University and her MS in Historic Preservation from the Columbia University School of Architecture and Planning. She does a lot of public speaking and meeting facilitation and participates on volunteer boards and committees for affordable housing and social entrepreneurship. She is married to an architect and has two grown children.

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