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As CEO of Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association in Atlanta and board chair for the Atlanta Housing Association of Neighborhood-based Developers, LaShawn Hoffman has spearheaded a wide range of programs focused on community improvement. In a state that has no public policy to insure equitable availability of affordable housing, Hoffman has stepped up to facilitate the community-based planning necessary to achieve sound conservation and growth strategies. He has navigated some of the most extreme fallout from the foreclosure crisis and recession to protect vulnerable homeowners and has promoted neighborhood preservation and socio-economic and cultural diversity through housing development, social services, civic engagement and advocacy.

In 2006, Hoffman partnered with the Georgia Conservancy to create a community plan addressing transportation, land use and economic growth with consideration for the natural environment, history and culture. In 2013, with funding from the HUD Neighborhood Stabilization Program, PCIA rehabilitated 14 houses to a high standard of quality and energy efficiency, increasing housing options and improving the safety and appearance of the community.

Hoffman looks to the Loeb experience to help him narrow his formal training gap for greater understanding of community economic development, its opportunities and the issues and key players in his region. He will explore how critical leadership tools such as consensus building and team building can lead to good public policy.  

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