Linda Haar

Shortly after my Fellowship year my husband Jonathan and I completed the overall design and programming for Boston’s Botanical Garden and Conservation Learning Central for the Rose Kennedy Greenway. The plan was loved by all, but it never got funded. We built a great team including our Senior Advisor E.O. Wilson, and Loeb classmate Arnd Bruninghaus. It was this exploration into developing a green energy plan to heat and cool the glass structure that launched us into our next venture.

Three years ago we established a green energy technology company to contribute something tangible to reducing dependence on fossil fuels. This July we completed our prototype Sky Farm 50 kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine targeted for high rise buildings in urban areas. We tested the turbine for strength and stability and it performed beyond our expectations under hurricane force winds. It has been hard and fulfilling work — including physical work, learning, team building, and risk. We are beginning performance testing and expect great success. Our ultimate goal is to use the success of our commercial venture to fund our non-profit, the Darwin Project, Inc., to support green energy in rural and developing areas. (

The Fellowship first gave me time to breathe and explore new ideas after working in a successful and all-consuming planning career. I re-energized my passion for environmental conservation during that year, and had the opportunity to expand my studies in environmental science. I also stopped thinking in terms of career.

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