Luis Siqueiros

Work after my Fellowship:
• Prepared and facilitated broad participatory planning sessions in metropolitan Guadalajara for the Strategic Plan.
• Research work in Guadalajara concerning land use, land expansion, housing, mobility, water, pollution and security.
• Urban and Transportation planning and design resulting in the construction and operation of the first Bus Rapid Transit line in Guadalajara and the project approval of the second and third lines.
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The Fellowship gave me a new vision and recognition of my work. It is a milestone in my professional and private life. It represented a fresh transition period to new work, home and relationships.

My work is basically divided in two arenas:Siqueiros Workbook picture
• My consulting work at Taller ACUR in Guadalajara, essentially in urban planning and transportation.
• My pro bono work, at Guadalajara 2020 and at International Communities Research Center, in urban development and community projects.

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