Fieldwork in Conservation Design /Spring 2016
Independent Thesis in Satisfaction of Degree MArch /Spring 2016
Innovative Construction in Japan /Spring 2016


Past Courses

Materials and Construction/Construction Lab
GSD 6121, Lecture, Fall 2009-13 (with Danielle Etzler)

Preservation Media Project: The Hatch Cottage
GSD 2414, Seminar-workshop, Spring 2012 (with Chris Hoxie)


Past Studios

Peri-urban Development in China: Alternatives for the Landscape of Southeast Beijing
GSD 1513, with Kongjian Yu, Peter Rowe, Stephen Ervin, Spring 2011

A Lo Que Vinimos: Revitalization of Central San Jose, Costa Rica 
GSD 1501, with Peter Rowe, Fall 2007

Tokyo's 'New Order' from a Local Perspective: Redevelopment of the Chuo-ku Waterfront
GSD 1501, with Peter Rowe, Fall 2006

Third-Semester Architectural Design Studio
GSD 1201, Fall 1996-1998

Fourth-Semester Architectural Design Studio
GSD 1202, Spring 1998

People: Mark Mulligan: Course_list

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