Independent Thesis in Satisfaction of Degree MArch /Spring 2016
Life-Cycle Design /Spring 2016
Master of Design Studies Final Project /Spring 2016
Preparation of Doctoral Thesis Proposal /Spring 2016
Structural Design 2 /Spring 2016
Thesis Extension in Satisfaction of Degree Doctor of Design /Spring 2016
Thesis in Satisfaction of the Degree Doctor of Design /Spring 2016


Past Courses

Nano | Micro | Macro
GSD 6477, Fall

Life Cycle Design
GSD 6475, Fall

Material Processes and Systems: CeramicsLAB
GSD 6429, Fall

Analysis and Design of Building Structures II
GSD 6229, Fall

CAD/CAM: Introduction to Applications in Architecture 
GSD 6317, Lecture, Fall

Structural Surfaces 
GSD 6408, Fall 2004

Structures in Design, Module 1
GSD 6402M1, Fall 2003

Structures in Design, Module 2
GSD 6402-M2, Fall 2003

Shells, Tensile Structures and Kinetic Systems 
GSD 6203, Fall 2001


Past Studios

GSD 1320, Spring 2010

Dance Space
GSD 1306, Fall 2006

Coffee, Cake, CAD/CAM: Re-inventing the Urban Diner
GSD 1309, Fall 2002


Past Seminars

Construction Automation
GSD 6415, Spring 2009

Mobile Information Unit 
GSD 9206A, Spring 2006

People: Martin Bechthold: Course_list

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