Loeb Fellow Scott Smith

Scott Smith founded Artichoke Design Company as a platform for nimble design thinking. Listening, attention, and human and environmental sensibilities shape the work and design approach. Clarity and function inform a definition of beauty.
Scott’s campus design and planning practice embraces community building, identity, place, and a sustainable future. His work, with more than fifty public and private institutions across the United States and in Asia, ranges from large, land grant institutions to small, private colleges.
Travel, and living in the heart of great cities shaped Scott's beliefs about architecture and urban design. As a Rotch Traveling Scholar, he traveled widely. His study focus was the influence of climate, culture, and context on architecture and public spaces. Sustainability was an early interest; the cities and dwellings of northern Africa and Mediterranean Europe gave insights into building and urban form shaped by regional forces and resources. His study and interests are the foundation of his professional career.

Speaking engagements include:
"Owning the Future: Implementing the Sustainable Campus," Society of College and University Planning North Atlantic Regional Conference.
"UCSB Student Affairs 6th Wave Initiative for Zero Net Energy," California Higher Education Sustainability Conference.
"Pomona College: 100 Years of Integrated Planning an Place Making," Society of College and University Planning 48th International Conference.
​ "The Westminster Extended Campus - Shared Benefits for College and Community," Society of College and University Planning Pacific Regional Conference.
"The Shape of Learning - Three Forces for Change", Universitas 21, Hong Kong

People: N. Scott Smith

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