Ecologies, Techniques, Technologies IV /Spring 2016
Independent Study by Candidates for Masters Degrees /Spring 2016
Master of Design Studies Final Project /Spring 2016
Seoul Remade: Design of the 'Kool' and the Everyday /Spring 2016

Past courses

A New Urban Enterprise 
GSD 6334, Seminar, Spring 2009

Plants and Technology II 
GSD 6219, Lecture, Spring, with Peter del Tredici

Brownfields Practicum - Sustainable Redevelopment of Brownfield Sites in Somerville, Massachusetts
GSD 6323, Spring

MLA I AP and MLA II Proseminar 
GSD 3501, Seminar, Fall

Brownfields Practicum - Sustainable Redevelopment of Brownfield Sites in Dorchester and East Boston, MA 
GSD 6323, Seminar, Spring 2003

Rebuilding Devastated Landscapes: Sustainable Landscape Development in the 21st Century
GSD 6442, Seminar, with Peter Del Tredici, Fall 2002

GSD 6323, Seminar, Spring 2002

Land Reclamation and Remediation Technologies
GSD 6440, Seminar, Fall 2001

GSD 6323, Seminar, Spring 2001

Landfill End Use: Fresh Kills Landfill Regeneration, Staten Island, NY 
GSD 6400-01, Lecture-Workshop, Fall 2000

GSD 6304, Fall 1999

Advanced Seminar on Landscape Technology: Brownfields 
GSD 6323, Seminar, Spring 1999

Site Planning 
GSD 6303

Past Studios

Mumbai Margins: Mitigating Geographies of the Island City, Mumbai, India 
GSD 1401, Fall 2008, with Nazneen Cooper

Mumbai Margins: Rethinking the Island City
GSD 1402, Fall 2007

Maximum Mumbai, Minimum Mumbai: Repositioning the Cotton Textile Mill Lands, Girangaon, Central Mumbai, India 
GSD 1402, Fall 2006

Altered Faces: Reworking the Teheran Corridor, Seoul, Korea 
GSD 1404, Studio Option, Spring 2004, with Alistair McIntosh, Woo-kyung Sim

Motor City Landscapes: Detroit Riverfront Studio
GSD 1310-10, Fall 1999, with Mary Margaret Jones

Reclaiming and Reconfiguring Urban Passage: Philadelphia and the Delaware River
Studio, Spring 1995

Reclaiming and Releasing Urban Public Space: The City of Philadelphia/The Schuylkill River
Studio, Spring 1994

People: Niall Kirkwood: Course_list

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