Ecologies, Techniques, Technologies II /Spring 2015
Ecologies, Techniques, Technologies III: Introduction to Ecology /Fall 2014
Research Seminar on Urban Ecology /Fall 2014


Past Courses

Plants and Technology I 
GSD 6218M1, Lecture, Fall

Plants and Technology II
GSD-6219, Lecture, with Gary Hilderbrand, Spring

Ecological Strategies for Disturbed Sites
GSD 6442, Seminar, Spring 2008, Fall 2008

Plants in Design II 
GSD 6215-M4, Lecture/Workshop, Spring

Soil in Landscape Design
GSD 6308, Lecture/Workshop, Spring

Rebuilding Devastated Landscapes: Sustainable Landscape Development in the 21st Century
GSD 6442, Seminar, Fall

People: Peter Del Tredici: Course_list

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