Independent Study by Candidates for Masters Degrees /Spring 2016
Independent Thesis in Satisfaction of Degree MArch /Spring 2016
Independent Thesis in Satisfaction of the Degree MAUD, MLAUD, or MUP /Spring 2016
Master of Design Studies Final Project /Spring 2016
Modern Architecture and Urbanism in China /Spring 2016
Preparation of Doctoral Thesis Proposal /Spring 2016
Thesis Extension in Satisfaction of Degree Doctor of Design /Spring 2016
Thesis in Satisfaction of the Degree Doctor of Design /Spring 2016


Urbanization in the East Asian Region
GSD 4239, Lecture, Fall 2005-13

Modern Architecture and Urbanism in China
GSD 4344, Seminar, Spring 1999-14

Doctoral Program Proseminar
GSD 9691, Seminar, Fall 2013

Modern Housing and Urban Districts: Concepts, Cases and Comparisons                                                                                    GSD 5433, Research Seminar, 2013 Fall

Urban Formation and Spatial Analysis in East Asian Cities
GSD 9118, Research Seminar, Spring 2012


Advanced Research Seminar: Pudong New Area, Shangai, China 
Fall 2003, with Yue Wu

Advanced Research Seminar: Territorialization in the Region of Romagna, Italy 
Fall 2002-Spring 2003, with Robert Pasini



Obsolescence and China's Pathways to Redevelopment: The Shekou Industrial District in Shenzhen
GSD 1506, Spring 2014

Urbanization in the East Asian Region
GSD 1406/1513, Spring 2011, with Kongjian Yu, Mark Mulligan, and Stephen Ervin

A Lo Que Vinimos: Revitalization of Central San Jose, Costa Rica 
GSD 1501, Fall 2007, with Mark Mulligan

Tokyo's 'New Order' from a Local Perspective: Redevelopment of the Chuo-ku Waterfront
GSD 1501, Fall 2006, with Mark Mulligan

Redevelopment and Restructuring Relationships Between Parks and Stations in Tokyo
GSD 1501, Fall 2005, with Mikiko Ishikawa

A Cross Section through the City: Redevelopment of the Han Jiang Riverfront in Wuhan, China
GSD 1502, Fall 2003

Backward and Forward in Time: Urban Rehabilitation in the Xicheng District of Beijing
GSD 1502, Fall 2002

Tokyo- Inner-City Revitalization 
GSD 1502, Option Studio, Fall 2001, with Masami Kobayashi

Shan Shui City: Urban Development in Wenzhou, China 
GSD 1320-03, Option Studio, Fall 2000, with Rosanna Vaccarino and Wu Yue

Environments of Opportunity: Redevelopment on the Waterfront of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain 
GSD 1320-17, Option Studio, Spring 2000, with Joaquin Casariego and Elsa Guerra

Attraversare la Città: Redevelopment around the Via Appia Nuova in Rome 
GSD 1320-16, Option Studio, Spring 1998, with Hashim Sarkis

Yi-Ti-Liang-Yi Zhi Jian: Redevelopment in Suzhou, Chin
Spring 1997, with Hashim Sarkis

Isopolis: Addressing the Scales of Urban Life in Athens 
Spring 1996, with Hashim Sarkis

Open City, Rebuilding Downtown Beirut's Waterfront 
Spring 1995, with Hashim Sarkis

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