Independent Study by Candidates for Masters Degrees /Spring 2016
Independent Thesis in Satisfaction of Degree MArch /Spring 2016
Readymade Architecture /Spring 2016


Past COurses

Projective Representation in Architecture 
GSD 2102, Workshop, Fall 2002-2009, with Cameron Wu

Reading Buildings 
GSD 3400, Spring


Past Studios 

GSD 1315, Spring 2007

Offset Ceilings
GSD 1314, Spring 2006

Indefinitely Extendable Museum, Ueno Park, Tokyo 
GSD 1320, Spring 2005

GSD 1314, Spring 2004

Holdout Architecture (Case Study : Upper Manhattan) 
GSD 1316, Spring 2002

Fourth Semester Architectural Design Studio: 
Design of Housing 

GSD 1202, Spring 2001

Introduction to Design and Visual Studies in Architecture 
GSD 1102, Spring 1999

People: Preston Scott Cohen: Course_list

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