Territories of Urban Design
February 2004

The Costs - or Have There Been Benefits, Too? - of Sprawl
Harvard Design Magazine, 2003-2004 Fall-Winter

Sidewalk Bulwarks: Park Benches Fight Terror
Harvard Magazine, July 2003

Security with Dignity
Urban Land, March 2003

Chapter Two: The Unique Characteristics of Urban Waterfront Development
Remaking the Urban Waterfront - ULI Press, 2003

Seven Wise (though possibly impractical) Goals for Smart Growth Advocates 
Smart Growth, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2002

An Urban Revival for a Suburban Culture
Urban Land Institute, 2001

On the Waterfront
Preservation Magazine, February/March 2000

Cities and Suburbs
Harvard Magazine, January 2000

Beyond the Rhetoric of Smart Growth
Architecture, May 1999

Whose Urbanism?
Architecture, November 1998

Investigations in Collective Form: Maki's quarter of a century at Hillside Terrace
Princeton Architectural Press, 1997

The Virtues of Cities
Places, September 1995

Reinventing Public Space
Architectural Record, June 1995

Between The Crusader's Jerusalem and Piranesi's Rome: Conflicting Ideals for the City 
Modernism and History, Essays in Honor of Eduard F. Seckler, 1996

Architecture in the Public Realm: A Public Discussion
GSD News, Spring 1995

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