Permutations of Descriptive Geometry, Forthcoming

Contested Symmetries and Other Predicaments in Architecture, Princeton Architectural Press, 2001

Eric Owen Moss: The BoxPrinceton Architectural Press, 1995

Preston Scott Cohen, 1997


More Publications

“Intersection in the Architecture of Rafael Moneo”, Prototypo, Lisbon, Portugal, 2004

“Silvetti’s Audiences”, Jorge Silvetti, Lectures at Harvard, Harvard GSD, 2004

“Circulatory Anomalies”, OZ Journal of Architecture, 2004

“Tel Aviv Museum of Art”, 32 New York Beijing, 2003

“Geometric Sublimation”, The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful, Sylvia Lavin and Helene Furjan, Editors, 2003

“The Synagogue and the Architect", in Flemington Jewish Community Center National Design Competition, Phyllis Lerner, editor, 2002

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"The Tubular Embrasure at the Sacristy of San Carlo ai Catinari in Rome", AA Files, London, June 2000

RA Revista de Arquitectura, Pamplona, Spain, Fall 2000

"Terminal Lines", Architecture and Urbanism (A&U), Tokyo, Feb. 2000

"Torus House", Global Architecture, GA Houses Project 2000, Tokyo

"Torus House", Arch+ 148, Berlin, October 1999

"The Anamorphic Imperative", RISD Works

"Stereotomic Permutations", Architectural Design, Spring 1996 Appendx 3, Spring 1996

"Stereotomic Permutations: Two Projects", Space: Art and Architecture, April 1995

"Stereotomic Permutations", Architecture New York, July 1994

Los Angeles Forum for Architecture, Dec. 1994

"Cornered House", GSD NewsHarvard Architectural Review 9, Rizzoli, 1993

"Two Houses", Assemblage 13, Dec 1990, MIT Press, pp. 72-87

"House on Longboat Key", Work by Recent GSD Alumni 1980-88. Steelcase Design Gallery and GSD Gallery, New York, NY and Cambridge. Exhibitions and Catalogues.

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