Current Research

  • IT-based space planning and visualization (sponsored by Microsoft and McGraw Hill)
  • Project management of high profile buildings: project delivery and organizational schemes (sponsored by GSA)
  • Energy efficient buildings: Building Envelopes consortium and portal (sponsored by a CDI and MIT led industry consortium)
  • Contractual relations for IT-enabled projects (in collaboration with Gadsby Hannah LLP)
  • Contemporary signature bridge design

Selected Prior Research

  • Stereoscopic 3D visualization of buildings
  • Web-based and remote synchronous teaching
  • Project scheduling (inventor of the "Visual Scheduling and Management System," USA patent No. 5,016,170, 1991)
  • Risk Analysis in the Design and Building Process
  • Build-Operate-Transfer
  • Construction site organization

Selected Doctoral Theses (completed)

  • Collaboration in Architectural Design: An IT Perspective, Shiro Mashushima (2003)
  • Information and Communications Technology For Real Estate Investment Management, Rick J. J. Huijbregts (2002)
  • Cybernetic Architecture Process and Form The Impact of Information Technology, Larry Rexton Barrow (2000)
  • Representation in Architecture: A Data Model for Computer-Aided Architectural Design, Pau Sola-Morales (2000)
  • Construction Project Networks: A Study of Internet-Based Interorganizational Information Systems in the Building Industry, Christopher Martin Castle (1999)
  • Interorganizational Information Systems in Building Design and Construction, Jeffrey Huang (1997)
  • Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing of Complex Concrete Formwork, Volker Ruhl (1997)
  • A Framework for Version Management in Computer-Aided Architectural Design, SungAh Kim (1997)
  • Influence of Delivery Methods on Architectural Projects: Case Studies from the Seville Expo'92, Alberto Diaz Hermidas (1994)
  • Knowledge-Based Parametric Design: Applications on Stairs, Stefanos Kalligas (1993)
  • Design Criteria for Material Recycling Facilities, Irene Sewn Lee (1992)
  • The Impact of Technology in Hospital Design, Thom Kurmel (1991)

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