Rebecca Talbot

Rebecca Talbott is a strategic partnership specialist with the U.S. Forest Service. She has contributed to the development of the Intermountain Region and National Partnership Strategies, and related legislation for the U.S. Forest Service. Her work has focused on how linkages between people and place are created, and specifically on the role that third party, non-governmental organizations partnered with public land management agencies at the local level serve in building community stewardship of public lands and waters.

Rebecca’s work helped to establish the Outside Las Vegas Foundation, an organization dedicated to preserving the public lands surrounding Las Vegas. Its mission is to enrich the experience of visitors to the land, improve the quality of life for local residents, and promote community stewardship. This is the first time such an organization has formed to work locally across public land regardless of agency boundaries, and Rebecca’s position is the first of its kind. She coordinates the public side of the partnership by working for the U.S. Forest Service, the National Park Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Bureau of Land Management.

As a Loeb Fellow, Rebecca explored processes useful in forming linkages between the built and natural environment locally, nationally and internationally.

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