Independent Study by Candidates for Masters Degrees /Spring 2016


Past Courses

Design and Real Estate Dynamics for the Dallas Arts District 
GSD 5318, Seminar, Spring 2008

Field Studies in Real Estate, Planning & Urban Design: An Alternative Downtown for Amsterdam; and A Cultural Renaissance for the City of Lee, MA 
GSD 5212, Spring 2008, with Bing Wang

New Towns in the United States and Abroad 
GSD 9206UPD03, Seminar, Fall 2004-Spring 2005


Past Studios

Alternative Urban Pattern Prototypes: Looking at Pomona/Los Angeles
GSD 1511, Spring 2006, with Bing Wang

Newry, Northern Ireland - Revealing History in Urban Reconstruction
GSD 1512, Spring 2005, with Bing Wang

Alternative Futures for the West Lake, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China
GSD 1402, GSD 1502, Fall 2001, with Carl Steinitz

The Revitalization of Underperforming Shopping Centers into Mixed-Use Village Centers
GSD 1320-18, Spring 2000, with Martin Zogran

Alternative Futures of the West Lake, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China
GSD 1310-04, GSD 1320-01, Fall 2000, with Carl Steinitz

People: Richard Peiser: Course_list

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