Robert Bleiberg

I am working on a number of landscape-scale conservation projects in western Colorado. The Glade Park Initiative has conserved over 40,000 acres of ecologically significant ranch land in a remote area that straddles the Colorado/Utah border. Of more interest to city planners, the Community Separator Project conserves small farms, wildlife habitat, and scenic natural lands to create buffers between rapidly growing municipalities in the Grand Valley of Mesa County, Colorado. The Fruitlands Forever Campaign preserves family owned and operated orchards and vineyards around the small town of Palisade. This area boasts an unusual micro-climate that makes possible one of the largest fruit-growing industries in the Intermountain West. The campaign is well on its way to conserving a critical mass of farmland necessary to the sustainability of agriculture in the community.

I can say that the year in Cambridge has given me tools which I am utilizing to significantly increase the capabilities and capacity of the land conservation group I lead. The Loeb experience has also enabled me to significantly expand my vision of what I can accomplish professionally.

People: Rob Bleiberg

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