Past Studios

The Greek City of Edessa: Search for a Sustainable Future
GSD 1401, Fall 2009

After the Fires: Proposals for the Formation of Space
Department of Architecture, University of Patras, with the participation of Master in Architecture students from the Department of Architecture, Harvard GSD, Fall 2007

Harvard in Cyprus
GSD 1309, Fall 2005, assisted by Michael Cosmas, MAUD'00, architect, Nicosia, Cyprus

A Bridge and a Pavilion in Bilbao
GSD 1305, Fall 2004


Past Courses

Design and Development: from Concept to Implementation
GSD 7411, Fall 2009

Toward Socially-inclusive Sustainable Development
GSD 9206A, Fall 2009

Rethinking Ekistics in the Information Age
GSD 9206A02, Fall 2009

Exhibiting the Virtual Space
GSD 9206A, Spring 2009

In Search of the Engineer
GSD 6328, Spring 2007-08

Managing Innovation: The Case of the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum
GSD 7222, Seminar, Spring 2002-08

Leading the Design Firm
GSD 7405, Lecture, Fall 2006, 2008

From Concept to Implementation
GSD 7411, Fall 2002-2006, 2008-09

Visual decision support systems for buildings under emergency
GSD 9206A03, Seminar, Spring 2005

Technology in Design 
GSD 7320, Spring 2004

Analysis and Design of Building Structures II 
GSD 6202, Spring 2001

Analysis and Design of Building Structures I 
GSD 6201, Fall 2000

Building Technology
GSD 6204, Fall 1999, with Mark Mulligan

Bridges: Structural Order and Form
GSD 6314, Spring 1999

Advanced Seminar on Building Technology
GSD 6315

People: Spiro N. Pollalis: Course_list

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