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Student Exhibitions Wall



To offer students the opportunity to present their work. The student (or group of students) acts as curator of the exhibit, dictating its form and content from conception to realization.

The student exhibition space presents student-produced and -curated work. The exhibition space is intended to highlight work by students produced outside of the regular GSD curriculum. Past exhibits have included painting, photography, sculpture, digital media, sketches, textiles, graphic design, product design, research projects, and work produced in independent studies. Proposals may come from individual students, groups of students working together, or student groups. The student exhibition wall highlights work produced outside the regular GSD curriculum and, thus, preference is given to student-initiated exhibits over student groups and classes.


  1. Applications for the student exhibition wall are now available. Click on the links below to download guidelines and an application form.
    Proposal Submission Form
    Rules and Contract

  2. Download the pdf application from this website. The application asks for a project description, contact information, and preferred exhibition dates. The greater the detail provided, the more responsive the exhibition wall coordinators can be to the needs of students. Students are also required to sign a form stating that they have read and agreed to the student exhibition guidelines (below on this page, and included in the pdf application). We also ask students to sketch and verbally describe how they intend to install the exhibition.

  3. Submit both forms either by email to or to the student mailbox of Sara Newey.

  4. Students will be notified of the status of their application approximately two weeks after the application deadline. Please contact Sara Newey with any questions.



  • The student exhibition wall presents student-produced and -curated work. The exhibition space is intended to highlight work by students produced outside of the regular GSD curriculum. Past exhibits have included photography, sculpture, digital media, sketches, textiles, metalwork, woodwork, research projects, and work produced in independent studies.

  • It is not a commercial venue - selling work, or launching products is not appropriate.

  • The GSD Exhibitions Department and the student exhibition wall are entirely independent entities. The GSD Exhibitions Department off-site storage and their in-house supplies are completely off-limits and unavailable to students.


  • Student exhibitions cannot encroach on the main exhibition space in any way. The student exhibition space consists of the three walls in the lobby flanking the Cambridge Street entrance and the first floor bathrooms. This does not include the bathrooms, the water fountain area, or the vestibule on Cambridge Street.

  • Exhibition dates are determined at the beginning of the semester and cannot be changed.

  • Exhibits are installed on Sundays and taken down on Saturdays by midnight.

  • The failure to install an exhibit during the agreed upon exhibition dates will result in a ban from any future student exhibitions.


  • Exhibits musts be removed and the space returned to its original condition (nail holes filled and entire wall properly painted a neutral off-white, all parts of the exhibit are removed from exhibition space) by midnight of the last day of your exhibition. (The student exhibition wall coordinators provide paint, spackle, and basic supplies for fixing the wall.)

  • All installation supplies, materials, and labor (except as listed above) are the sole responsibility of the student. No materials or supplies will be reimbursed.

  • Please do not use double-stick tape on the wall. It is very difficult to remove and often leaves a tacky residue.


  • The lobby is zoned as public space. Installations and displayed works may not extend more than 2'-0" from the surface of the gallery walls without the consultation and special permission from the student exhibitions coordinators. All state and Cambridge zoning code regulations apply, including but not limited to, fire safety and personal injury liability (liability in this public space is connected to the last person to touch/handle/install/adjust the item at fault before injury occurred). If there are any questions concerning fire safety, code regulations, etc, please contact the coordinators.

  • Students are responsible for the security of their exhibitions. The coordinators are willing to advise students regarding methods of securing artwork, equipment, etc.


  • If you would like to borrow equipment from the GSD, you must make the arrangements yourself and well in advance. A/V equipment, light ballasts, computers, and tools may or may not be acquired through Computer Resources, Building Services or the workshop. This type of borrowing is on a case-by-case basis. Securing borrowed materials and equipment for theft protection is very important and is the sole responsibility of the student exhibitor.

  • The coordinators are, of course, available to help with problems and to answer questions at any stage of the process. If student(s) have drawings, plans, inventory of supplies and some ideas about installation four to six weeks prior to their exhibition opening, the coordinators can facilitate a meeting with the GSD exhibition department staff for limited advice and suggestions regarding installation techniques, aesthetics, layout and a list of vendors to help with labor.


  • Advance publicity is recommended. In past years students have sent postcards announcing the dates of the show, hosted opening receptions, and sent e-mails to friends. The Student Forum LCD display board and the events calendar are also available.

  • Wall text or some form of signage is highly encouraged. This can include an exhibition title, the name of the artist, designer, or curator, a brief concept statement, etc.

Please contact Sara Newey with questions.