Susannah Sayler

In 2006, Susannah Sayler co-founded The Canary Project with Edward Morris, her husband, collaborator and fellow Loeb. The Canary Project produces art and media that deepen public understanding of climate change ( The project has supported or produced more than a dozen works involving more than 30 artists, scientists, writers, designers and educators. Work has been exhibited in art museums, galleries, science museums, public advertising, school presentations, city halls, the Internet, magazines, etc. Sayler is a fine arts photographer and for the project shot and Susannah Sayler Projectco-edited a large body of work titled A History of the Future — landscapes of 14 locations throughout the world where scientists are studying the impacts of climate change, as well as places where people are shaping the land in an effort to mitigate or adapt. The photography is exhibited in diverse venues and frequently combined with other elements, such as archival objects and images, research, video and/or mixed media installation. In addition to producing art and media, she is increasingly involved in education initiatives around the issue of climate change for a variety of age groups. Susannah Sayler projectThis coming academic year (2010–11), we will be teaching in the Transmedia Department at Syracuse University. The Loeb Fellowship gave Sayler the time to step back from the work that she had been racing to make and get into public view, to reassess and fine tune its efficacy. She had long been troubled with what seemed like an impasse between the impulses of art and activism. The Fellowship provided to time to study, read, think and talk about these issues in order to make critical adjustments to her approach. The Fellowship was deeply valuable to the quality of her work and the viability of the project.

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