Terrence Curry

Much of my professional career has been committed to using architectural design as a means for community development. Between 1994 and 2004 I institutionalized this commitment by founding 3 university based community design centers: University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit Collaborative Design Center (1994); Fordham University Center for Community and Environmental Development (2001); and the Szent Jozsef Studio Kollegium in association with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (2004). Of these three design centers, 2 continue to function: the Detroit Collaborative Design Center and the Szent Jozsef Studio Kollegium. Both of these centers continue, under new leadership, to engage students and community development organizations in the pursuit of design excellence, while exploring means and methods that foster community development. I’m proud of that.

I am now in China, teaching, working with colleagues, learning Chinese, and looking for a new opportunity to engage students, colleagues and community organizations in the pursuit of design excellence that promotes the human good: perhaps design center number 4. In January 2009 I moved to Beijing, where, since May 2009, I am Associate Professor on the faculty of architecture at Tsinghua University. My current research includes design methods, design education (how one learns to design), architectonics, and an ongoing interest in component-based manufactured housing.

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