Past Courses

Materials and Construction: An Introduction to Techniques, Composition and Strategies
GSD 6111M1, Fall 2006, with Thomas Schroepfer

Environmental Technologies in Building: Climate and Thermal Behavior 
GSD 6205M3, Lecture, Spring 2006, with Matthias Schuler

Environmental Technologies in Buildings: Lighting and Acoustics 
GSD 6205M4, Lecture, Spring 2006, with Matthias Schuler

Innovation in Structure
GSD 6315, Seminar, Spring 2005

Independent Research Study: Weaving Material and Habitation
GSD 9206a, Seminar, Fall 2003


Past Studios

Third Semester Core: Architectural Design
GSD 1201, Fall 2001-07

An Urban Conglomerate: Tectonics and Urbanism
Regional Recreation Center in North Point Park, Boston
GSD 1201, Fall 2001, with Darell Fields, Jonathan Levi, Joe MacDonald, Ashley Schafer, Ron Witte

Latency in the Second City 
GSD 1300-03, Spring 2001

Bubbles and Weaving: House for the 21st Century
GSD 1300-04, Spring 1999

Everyday Extra-Ordinary: Urban and Domestic Inhabitation in New York City through Exploration of Materials 
GSD 1300-06, Spring 1998

Library and Media: Architectonics of Internal and External
GSD 1201, Fall 1997, with Mark Mulligan, Jude LeBlanc, Jonathan Levi, Daniel Monk, James Williamson

One and a Half: Inside Out 
GSD 1300, Spring 1997

Education and Fabrication: Master Plan for Artisans' College
GSD 1300-06, Spring 1996

Industry as Indigenous Structure: Program for Bath, Maine
GSD 1300, Spring 1994

People: Toshiko Mori: Course_list

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