Tracy Metz

In addition to my work as a journalist at the Arts Desk of the quality national Dutch daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad I have written a number of books that have helped bring planning and spatial issues into the public arena. After the Loeb Fellowship I published a small book with a selection of the essays and columns I wrote during my year at Harvard which was sold widely in the Netherlands and was distributed in the US.

Tracy Metz Project 1Inspired by the Loeb year, I was also instrumental in taking the initiative for a two-year collaboration between the GSD Department of Urban Planning and Design and the Dutch government. Thanks to sponsorship from the ministries of Planning and Public Works & Water Management, students in two successive design studios worked on designing locations in the Netherlands with regard to climate change. This project has in turn inspired me to write a book on how the Netherlands — with examples from other countries — is changing its urban and landscape design practice to adapt to climate change. The book, Sweet & Salt: Water and the Dutch, is planned for the spring of 2012, together with a major exhibition of art showing the Dutch relationship to water.

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